Some of the world’s most relevant producers of marine documentaries participate in this section, and will present their latest works in this field.
Films can be watched in the Red Sea Auditorium during two presentation sessions, in which the authors/directors of the films will participate, who will explain how the idea came about and what the development of filming was.
Round tables will be held after the presentation session, in which the film directors will dialogue with the public present and will answer spectators’ questions.

Underwater photography display

A large photograph display will accompany visitors to the Oceanogràfic park, and will include impressive and sensationalist pictures taken by important international and prestigious photographers in unique natural settings.

It will be an element of additional content on visitors’ walks around the park, and shall support the contents and values that the Oceanogràfic defends: sustainability, respect for the natural environment, conserving and protecting marine flora and fauna.

It will remain on show at the Oceanogràfic all summer as additional content and to remind us of FIIS 2017.

Live Radio

On Thursday 25 May from 16:00h to 20:00h, the current affairs Radio Channel Cadena Ser programme “La Ventana” (the Window), directed by Carles Francino, will be broadcast live from the Oceanogràfic’s Red Sea

This radio programme follows current affairs lightheartedly, without forgetting the rigor that major daily issues require. Carles Francino, the Director of this programme and his team, will be at FIIS to tell us what is happening live during this Festival.

Responsible Cooking

Over-fishing is a major threat for today’s oceans and the world’s marine life is rapidly becoming exhausted. A recent scientific study forecasts that fishing will collapse worldwide in 2048. The only solution is to reflect on all this and to start eating fish and seafood in a sustainable way, and making cooks, suppliers and consumers aware about sustainable fishing.

We wish to put FIIS to good use to work on the responsible fishing concept with a prestigious chef. The programme «Responsible Fishing» is an Oceanogràfic Valencia Project, conducted in collaboration with the Vancouver Aquarium, which is the promoter of the “Ocean Wise” project.

Carlos Maldonado, winner of  MasterChef by TVE, is the chef invited as a representative of responsible cooking committed to sustainability. Haute cuisine acts as a spokesperson of the opportunities that the sea offers as to introducing species into the food chain that are discarded on fishing vessels, or at fish markets, where they have a low commercial value since they are not considered “appetising”.

Maremagnum Dialogues

Some of the top specialists in exploring the marine world will attend the Oceanogràfic to explain their experiences and to present their latest productions. Films, documentaries and photographs; they will all reflect the immense wealth, as well as the fragility, of seas and oceans. A unique opportunity to know first-hand these professionals of twenty-first-century underwater adventures.

Dialogues are structured in 3 sessions:

  • ‘Discovering the secrets of the sea’
  • ‘Cinema, mythology and image’
  • ‘Plastic Sea’



This section is for the family public in which participants will learn by having fun. The message of conserving and protecting the marine world centres on two entertainment activities in which we will learn to collaborate with the sustainability of seas and oceans from home by us doing “our bit”.

  • We can eat jellyfish! An enjoyable workshop with Maria Querol, a MasterChef Junior 3 contestant, in which the young chef will prepare simple dishes made with this marine animal.
  • Recycling workshop: make your own marine zoo with plastic! Children and parents can learn new uses with plastic bottles. Let’s recycle with imagination.