Responsible Cooking


Over-fishing is a major threat for today’s oceans and the world’s marine life is rapidly becoming exhausted. A recent scientific study forecasts that fishing will collapse worldwide in 2048. The only solution is to reflect on all this and to start eating fish and seafood in a sustainable way, and making cooks, suppliers and consumers aware about sustainable fishing.

We wish to make the best of FIIS to work with on the responsible fishing concept with a prestigious chef. The «Responsible Fishing» project is an Oceanogràfic Valencia Project, undertaken in collaboration with the Vancouver Aquarium, the promoter of the “Ocean Wise“ Project. On this occasion, chef Carlos Maldonado, winner of Master Chef will count on the collaboration of María Querol, a MasterChef Junior 3 contestant, who will help the chef to cook Jellyfish! This is a very interesting dish eaten frequently in China, Korea or Japan.

Carlos Maldonado

Carlos Maldonado has been the new culinary discovery of the last years.

The “squid sandwich 2.0”, as he himself has baptized, that he made during the final of the TV contest “Masterchef” was his last trick to captivate the jury and become a winner. ‘In Masterchef, just like in life, you have to always risk,’ he says. A risk that has managed to captivate the very same Ferran Adrià, who during the shooting of the program and off camera said the following words, as they point from the team of Masterchef: “You have discovered a master of the kitchen.”

After the contest, continued its training in Basque Culinary Center (BCC) of San Sebastián with which it was awarded after winning the televising contest. After this, he  promotes his  kitchen ‘on wheels’ in the new concept of ‘gastroneta’.


María Querol

María Querol is a contestant for the third edition of MasterChef Junior. Born in Benicasim (Castellón), her love of cooking began by helping her father at the age of 9  , above cooking sushi, one of her favorite dishes but she also loves Mediterranean food: fruits, vegetables, fish, virgin olive oil, a healthy, sustainable, varied and fat-free food. María from her departure from Masterchef Junior 3 has participated in several Cookings and Masterclass for children (Gastrónoma Valencia, GastroMurcia, IFEMA …), where she enjoys teaching her passion for cooking. In the kitchen she likes to innovate, she is a lover of Japanese food and his forte is the presentation. In 2016 he received the GASTROCOPE Prize from Cadena COPE Castellón for the gastronomic diffusion.