Roberto Rinaldi

Since younger age, Roberto Rinaldi was diving and shooting underwater. His career as underwater photojournalist started in 1986. In 1988 he was hired as an underwater photographer on board Jacques Yves Cousteau’s Calypso. In the mean time, he was more and more specialised in filming underwater. He shoot for documentaries, but for fiction and advertise as well. He worked for directors such as Giuseppe Tornatore, Luc Jaquet, Gil Keibali, Stephane Begoin, Andy Byatt, Jaques Perrin, Alessandro D’Alatri, and many others. His movies were aired in the main television around the world. In 2009, he get totally passionate by the idea of realizing underwater images in 3D. This is why he worked on an innovative project that as brought him to built a unique housing able to shoot in 3D. This new system was extremely successful: he was able to work for Amberjack Production, 3 x 52 minutes for Arte/3D net produced by St Thomas, a cinema movie called “Ouragan”, produced by Ouragan Film. Than, for an underwater movie, commissioned by the Italian ministry of Culture and Archaeology, a 52 minutes for Korean Monster TV, and a 52 minutes for German producer Tesche Dokumentar film. Today, this extremely performing system, is able to produce 4K contents in 3D. Lately, he was the underwater cameraman for the movie “L’Odyssey”, directed by Jerome Salle, a biography of Jacques Yves Cousteau.