Director and guests

The Festival Director. Mr. Juan Antonio Romero.

Juan Antonio Romero, producer and director of underwater documentaries, discovered his passion for the sea at a young age, between the waters of the Caribbean and the Mediterranean. After completing his studies in marine biology in France, he began his career at Calypso with the well-known Commander Cousteau accompanying him on several expeditions in Indonesia and Borneo before moving on to the “Flying Team” for Cousteau Ocean Park productions. Juan A. continues his career in RAI (Italian television), with the series Linea Blu as director and presenter of the program “Nautilus”. Throughout his career he has worked in well-known productions such as Blue Planet, Planet Earth, Predators, British Isles etc. of the BBC and has participated as a producer in “Alliens of the Sea”, “Grotte ou Requins” for FR3 (French television), and many other productions for Discovery Chanel, National Geographic, all Emmy Award winners, BAFTA and other prizes Countries.

Juan Antonio lives in New Zealand where he is currently shooting unpublished images in the South Seas, and collaborates with AVANQUA at the Oceanogràfic in Valencia.