Pierre Ives Cousteau

President of Cousteau Divers – France

Pierre-Yves Cousteau, 28 years old, President of Cousteau Divers.
Youngest son of Jacques-Yves Cousteau, studied biochemistry and space studies (both at masters level) before working for NASA and the European Space Agency as scientific coordinator for biology experiments in space.
Passionate for the ocean since childhood, became a scubadiving instructor and joined the Cousteau Society in 2009 to develop the Cousteau Divers program. The Cousteau Divers program is a participative science, multimedia and community program to actively involve recreational divers in the study and preservation of marine environments worldwide. Cousteau Dive Centers will become permanent marine observatories worldwide, spearheading the development of marine protected areas. Divers are the only “users” of the beauty of the oceans. That same beauty is hence the business of dive centers. It is in the interest of the recreational diving community to have pristine marine environments.
Cousteau Divers invites divers, dive centers and marine scientists to join under the legacy of Jacques Cousteau for the protection of our seas.