Javier Nart

Born 19 of August of 1947 is licensed in Laws by the University of Barcelona. His specialty is Criminal Law (economic crimes) and advice in international contracting. He is a lawyer for the International Criminal Court. And he has great experience in a conflict zone. In this sense he has been an adviser on international policy issues in the Presidency of the Government and in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Adviser to the Government of the Republic of Chad, Advisor on security, conflict and crisis negotiation issues of multinational companies and war correspondent for the international agencies SYGMA, GAMMA and CORBIS. He collaborates in various publications (El Mundo, El País, Interviu, Cambio 16, El Periódico, La Vanguardia). Commentator on television and radio and author of several books he is Founder of the NGO Inter-hospital Cooperation Council. And from June 2014 MEP for Citizens. In addition to all this, diver for more than 30 years.