Dr. Nicolas Pilcher

Director of  Marine Research Foundation.

Dr. Nicolas Pilcher is a British marine biologist based in Borneo (Malaysia), where he runs his own research and conservation agency – the Marine Research Foundation. Nick has worked extensively on conservation projects across the Indo-Pacific region, focusing his energies on saving endangered sea turtles, dugongs, and other marine species. His specialty is in developing management-oriented solutions to conservation and working on reducing by catch of endangered species, to which he brings 30 years of experience. Nick also works extensively with major industries such as the oil and gas sector, ports and mines to design and deliver solutions to environmental challenges they face. Nick is a Technical Advisor to the UNEP-CMS Dugong Secretariat and sits on the advisory boards of a number of organisations. He also served as the Co-Chair of the IUCN Marine Turtle Specialist Group for 13 years. His latest passion is for flying and he holds a private pilot’s license, much to the amusement of his Malaysian wife and three daughters.